Mary Poppins Halloween Costume

102IMG_511187 35 694Blouse: Nordstrom Rack (Try this) , Skirt & Bag: H&M, Heels: Nine West (Similar), Hat & Bow-tie: Forever 21, Lipstick: MAC “Russian Red”, Nails: OPI “Big Apple Red”, Umbrella: Red Door Spa

Happy Halloween All! I wanted to share with you my costume for my office Halloween party yesterday, and tell you how I achieved this look. My office takes Halloween very seriously! We have a huge annual party with a extensive decor, food, great music provided by a DJ and an extremely competitive costume competition.

Every year, I try to dress up as something that I can create on my own. I like costumes that I can put together using clothing that I already have in my closet, and purchasing things that I can use again. For this Halloween, I decided to go with Mary Poppins. I mean, who doesn’t love that Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious woman! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Julie Andrews in this film growing up. As a lover of all things fashion related, I was always in awe of how much she was able to fit into her purse!

To create this look, I wore heels, tights, a faux leather H&M skirt, and a button down white blouse that I already had. This was half of my costume, so I only needed to shop for accessories. On Wednesday, I decided to run to Forever 21, and luckily, I found exactly what I was looking for. I purchased this fabulous black hat, and red bow (which was a barrette, but I made it into a bow tie). To decorate the hat, I went to the Dollar Store after work and purchased two bundles of fake flowers, one white set and one red. I mean, $2! You can’t beat that. Finally, I borrowed this Red Door Spa umbrella from my best friends mom, and was finally finished with my costume! To top off the look, I wore MAC’s “Russian Red” lipstick, and O.P.I’s “Big Apple Red” on my nails; both of these items, I already had. In total, I may have spent a total of $25 on new items, and used everything else from my closet.

If you are attending a Halloween party this weekend, and aren’t sure what to be, I hope this look can inspire you!

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend with your children, family and friends. I will talk to you all very soon!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Style In The City Interview

image1I wanted to share with you all a wonderful interview I recently did with Taj McGill, CEO of The Styling Firm Inc. & Fashion Consultant. I hope you enjoy learning more about The Style In The City event, which will be held in Fort Lauderdale, FL on February 8, 2015.

1. What is Style in the City? Style in the City is a Networking Mixer and Fashion Showcase. We invite Entrepreneurs, Business Savvy Individuals, Socialites, and Lovers of Fashion to be apart of The City’s Most Stylish Night.

2. When is the next Style In The City event? Style in the City’s 4th Annual Networking Mixer and Fashion Showcase will be held on February 8, 2015 at The Broward Center for Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

3. Why did you create an event like Style In The City? I knew that South Florida could benefit from an event like Style in the City. Our objective is to build camaraderie, maximize on our potential to be a leading force in the fashion industry, showcase the talented people in our area, and to build substantial partnerships.


Taj McGill, CEO of The Styling Firm Inc.

4. Style In The City is put together by The Styling Firm. Can you tell us about The Styling Firm and what is it that your company does?  The Styling Firm is a Professional Fashion Styling and Image Consultation Company. Our team is composed of Fashion Stylists, Image Consultants, Make Up Artists, Hairstylists, and an Etiquette Coach. The Styling Firm has serviced a variety of clientele for over five years.

5. Why are you passionate about the fashion industry? I am passionate about the fashion industry for a multitude of reasons. Mainly because I chose to capitalize on what I was indirectly taught by the long list of Fashion Lovers and Trend Setters in my family. Being a visionary and artist I am free to creatively express myself within the fashion industry.

6. Where do you see The Styling Firm going in the next 5 years? In the next five years The Styling Firm’s brand and team will continue to expand abroad. Talk is Chic Radio will generate a larger audience and be televised. Upon graduating from The Art Institute my goal was to build a Fashion Empire. Therefore, the next five years shall surely bring forth AhMazing Fashion and Great Success!

7. And how do you see Style In The City evolving? Style in the City Networking Mixer and Fashion Showcase will evolve in 2016 and beyond by bringing The City’s Most Stylish Night to various states.

8. Where can my readers find out more information about Style In The City? Please visit for Sponsorship Opportunities, to purchase tickets, and for additional details. We look forward to seeing each of you on the Red Carpet!

 Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Khaki Green

IMG_3170IMG_3167IMG_3147IMG_3163 IMG_3144IMG_3153 IMG_3154IMG_3146Jacket: Romeo & Juliet Couture from Off 5th, Dress: Gap (Try this), Necklace: Target, Wedges: Dolce Vita from TJ Maxx (Similar Dolce Vita Wedges), Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack (Similar), Purse: H&M, Ring: Bauble Bar, Watch: Michael Kors

Happy Friday All My Beautiful Fashionistas!

Khaki green is one of my favorite colors to wear for outerwear during the fall time. I am actually on the hunt for a khaki green vest right now, and cannot find one anywhere! If you all have suggestions as to where I can find one, please let me know! I bought this jacket in February before my trip to Boston, and it has become a fall staple for me. I love that it has the black leather sleeves and that I can pair it with so many different looks that are casual or even dressed up!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you all soon!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

The Pumpkin Patch

IMG_3110IMG_3041IMG_3003IMG_3072IMG_3016IMG_3060IMG_3019IMG_3057 IMG_3107IMG_3020 IMG_3093 IMG_3089IMG_3111 IMG_3084 IMG_3063IMG_3099Skirt: Forever 21, Jeans: American Eagle, Belt: H&M (Try this), Sandals: Steve Madden, Purse & Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack (Similar), Ring: Bauble Bar

So I did the quintessential pumpkin patch trip with my family over the weekend and I am so happy I did! We had so much fun picking out pumpkins for our homes and spending the day together. If you didn’t see which pumpkins I picked for my apartment, head over to my instagram @bisousbrittany for a photo of how I set them up.

As you can see, I have some cute guests in my post today. My little sister Alexa and my cousin Monica made their Bisous, Brittany debut! There were so many pumpkins to choose from, I know we all had an issue picking. But we finally found the perfect pumpkins and I know my sister and Monica went straight home to decorate theirs!

Have you all picked out your pumpkins for Halloween/Thanksgiving?

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Talk to you soon!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

“Fall” time in Miami

IMG_3272IMG_3217 IMG_3270IMG_3238IMG_3253IMG_3250 IMG_3245IMG_3262IMG_3234IMG_3216IMG_3244IMG_3251Sweater: Banana Republic, Necklace & Ring: Bauble Bar, Pants: H&M (Something Similar), Heels: Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom Rack, Sunglasses: Aldo (Similar), Bracelet: Nordstrom Rack (Try this), Purse: BCBG

Miami has had only one “fall-ish” day so far. By fall-ish, I mean the temperature dipped into the low 70’s for one day. I am praying for more cool weather because fall is definitely my favorite season to dress for. I am trying to stay out of the heat so that I can dress for the season, but it can be a bit challenging. Luckily, I will be making a trip for Thanksgiving to a cool climate state, so I can wear more cool weather clothing at the end of November!

I hope you all are having a great week. Just a reminder, if you want to keep up with me daily, be sure to follow me on Instagram @bisousbrittany! Thank you for stopping by today.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Fall Greens

IMG_2817IMG_2929IMG_2820IMG_2881 IMG_2928IMG_2783IMG_2809IMG_2798IMG_2877IMG_2908 IMG_2791 IMG_2825IMG_2887Sweater (Similar), Shorts & Handbag: H&M, Necklace: Fabulux Boutique, Heels: Jessica Simpson from Nordstrom Rack (Similar), Watch: Michael Kors, Midi Rings: Kiani Collection (Similar)

I received this beautiful statement necklace from Fabulux Boutique (Instagram account: @fabuluxboutique- Check them out) and knew it would be the perfect accessory for the fall time. I paired this beautiful statement necklace with my chunky knit sweater and crocheted khaki shorts from H&M for a comfortable and cozy look. To top everything off, I added my favorite green handbag and was out the door. Now you know me, I love me some bold lipstick, so I recently bought this beautiful Milani Cosmetics lip liner that I used all over my lips. I added a dark gloss on top and was ready to go.

How have you been dressing this fall? What are you favorite fall looks this season?

Talk to you all soon! Thanks for stopping by.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Lady In Red

IMG_2701IMG_2742IMG_2770IMG_2732IMG_2748IMG_2766IMG_2712 IMG_2765 IMG_2762IMG_2745IMG_2730IMG_2760IMG_2700IMG_2768IMG_2709IMG_2757 IMG_2699Top: Very J, Skirt: Poof Apparel (Similar), Heels: Lola Shoetique, Midi Rings: Kiani Collection (Similar), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace:Bauble Bar (Try this), Nails: Essie “Cocktail Bling”, Bracelets: Nordstrom Rack

After wearing this red envelope skort, I remember why I loved it so much initially. If you can remember a while back, I wore it for this post, and haven’t put it on since. Why? I have no idea, because it really is the perfect pop of color for any neutral look. You know how sometimes, we forget we have certain items in our closet, and it isn’t until we rediscover them again that we pull them out of hiding? That is what happened with this red number. I guess that means I need to clean out my drawers and closet more often.

Thanks for stopping by today! Talk to you tomorrow!
Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Fall Chic

81142103 1396 12754Blazer &Shorts: H&M, Blouse: Zara, Necklace: J.Crew, Heels: Kelly & Katie (Very Old), Clutch: Linell Ellis, Nails: Essie “Cocktail Bling”, Watch: Michael Kors

Ever since I have gotten my hands on this fall clutch from Linell Ellis, I cannot get enough of it. And the best part, I have a discount code for all of my readers! Type in “LEXBB15″ for 15% your Linell Ellis purchase! I am telling you, the quality and make of this clutch is worth every penny. It is the perfect size, the perfect color/pattern, and goes with just about any outfit.

For this look, you must have noticed that I am a bit obsessed with draping my blazer over my shoulders. I don’t know why, but I think it looks so sophisticated and chic. And can we talk about these heels. I have had them for YEARS! I believe I bought them my Sophomore year of college (2009), and have just brought them back out. They are a bit high for my liking, but aren’t they so cute? I just love the color. I must say, it is the perfect fall plum shade!\

I hope you all are having a fabulous week. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle


Diamonds, Sparkles & Hearts









IMG_2607Shirt: Lauren Conrad for Kohls, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Bauble Bar from Nordstrom Rack, Heels, Nine West from Nordstrom Rack, Clutch: Victoria Secret

What says girly more than diamonds, sparkles and hearts? I ‘d say nothing. This outfit combination is ultra feminine with a touch of edge for the leather skirt (which is a favorite of mine). As you can see, this week I have featured all different types of looks with some element of leather. If you want a more edgy look, try something like this. For a more chic and corporate look, try a style like this. And if you are going for a more relaxed vibe, then a style like this is for you!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Thank you for stopping by today and I will talk to you all soon!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

My Current Obsession: Leather






IMG_2542Moto Jacket: Paper Doll (Similar) , Tank Top & Necklace: Target, Jeans: American Eagle, Purse: H&M, Wedges: Zara

This week, I definitely gravitated towards leather elements and even tomorrows post will feature some leather elements as well. I think that leather (faux leather) is always a great material for fall. It is chic but yet adds an edge to any look.

Some tips for wearing leather: 1) Minimal is better. Don’t wear too much leather at once. One key piece will suffice and give you the just the right about of edginess you need 2) Find the leather piece that suits your personality and style. This can be anything from a leather skirt, jacket, dress or even a top. 3) Balance is key. Make sure you are pairing pieces with your leather item that truly compliment that piece.

I hope these few tips help you when shopping for leather this fall and winter. Have fun with your leather pieces and if you have never worn it before, try it out this fall! You may find that you really enjoy it!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle


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