{Scuba Skirt}

IMG_9240_2 IMG_9252_2IMG_9266IMG_9239_2 IMG_9241_2IMG_9263 2 IMG_9250_2 IMG_9247 IMG_9242Blouse & Necklace: Express, Skirt & Purse: c/o Gap, Heels: Zara, Watch: Michael Kors

The first time I came across scuba material was when I purchased a dress from TopShop for my friends wedding. The material is unlike any other and what I like most about it is that it holds its structure. For instance, this adorable black Gap skirt is scuba material, and no matter how much I sit or lean again something, the skirt will always maintain its form. I can’t stress enough how much I hate when I iron something, and then the second I sit down, it looks like it was never ironed. It has definitely become a pet-peeve of mine.

The weekend is quickly approaching, and as excited as I am for this work week to end, I am also not looking forward to the large amounts of homework and errands I have to run. This weekend is going to be non-stop that’s for sure!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by and visiting!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

{Classic Trench}

IMG_9204_2IMG_9151_2IMG_9186 IMG_9217IMG_9161IMG_9199 IMG_9188 IMG_9157 2Trench Cost: c/o Gap, Dress: M&Co, Heels: Calvin Klein, Necklace: L. Rain Boutique, Sunglasses: Quay (clear are c/o Necessary Clothing)

Hi everyone! Today features one of three posts that I will be sharing with you all this week from working with photographer Tola of @hi_tola on Instagram. If you have a chance, check out his Instagram for some beautiful pictures that will have you wishing you could jump inside and take a vacation of whatever he captures! I always love collaborating with Tola. If you don’t remember, I shot with him here and had so much fun!

I have always wanted to wear a trench coat, but living in South Florida, it would not get much use. While in college, I did purchase a really cheap one that I never wore. It was definitely nothing like this beautiful Gap trench. There is something so classic and chic about a trench coat that I just love. Do you guys feel the same way?

For this post, I have two different sunglass looks because I couldn’t decide which looked best. As I have said before, I just love mirrored sunnies lately. They just jazz up an outfit instantaneously and add a bit of edgy to your look.

Thank you all for stopping by and visiting with me today!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Military Vest

IMG_6833IMG_6846IMG_6897IMG_6824 IMG_6887IMG_6852 IMG_6886 IMG_6871IMG_6849IMG_6796 IMG_6835IMG_6854IMG_6831IMG_6798 IMG_6779 IMG_6778IMG_6821 IMG_6762Top &Purse: c/o Gap, Vest: Banana Republic (Similar), Jeans: American Eagle, Sunglasses: BCBGeneration, Boots: old (Similar here), Necklace:c/o Candy Couture Shop, Ring: c/o Gorjana from RocksBox, Earrings: c/o RocksBox

There are always a few items that pop into my head and I have to purchase them immediately. Well a military vest (cargo vest) was one of those items. I started my hunt for a military vest about 3-4 months ago, and to my disappointment, I could not find one anywhere. It wasn’t until 3-4 weeks ago that I stopped into Banana Republic and spotted this beauty! It was $98, and I couldn’t rationalize that, so I waited for a BR Sale. Last weekend, I finally purchased my military vest with 40% off! I am so excited to wear it with more looks. It is such a versatile piece and I know I will wear it for years to come.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the Oscars!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle


“I’ll Stop Wearing Black When They Make A Darker Color”

IMG_6083IMG_6094IMG_6129IMG_6064 IMG_6078IMG_6130IMG_6084 IMG_6087IMG_6095 IMG_6127Cardigan & Romper: Necessary Clothing, Clutch: Linell Ellis, Heels: Calvin Klein

I have been trying to steer clear of the color black because at one point, I felt like that was the only color I was wearing. I made a conscious effort to wear more colors and step outside of my comfort zone because after all, that is what fashion is all about: taking risks. But every now and again, I find myself falling back in love with the color black. There is just something so put together and chic about the color. And as the saying goes “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color”. You just cannot go wrong with black, and that is why it is one of my favorite colors to wear.

For this post, I am wearing my new structured black romper from Necessary Clothing that is currently one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I love the structure of the shorts and how flattering this romper is. To jazz up the look, I am wearing this fabulous gold cardigan and gorgeous leopard printed clutch from Linell Ellis. When I say this clutch is my favorite clutch ever, that would be an understatement. I am dying to mix prints with this clutch and take a new fashion risk for myself. I have never mixed prints before, but I am challenging myself to do so soon. Wish me luck!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Tunic Dress

IMG_6287IMG_6307IMG_6291IMG_6282IMG_6306IMG_6302IMG_6286 IMG_6292IMG_6303IMG_6285Dress: M&Co., Necklace: Fabulux, Shoes: Lola Shoetique, Clutch: J.Crew, Watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Italia Independent (Similar)

Having a little white dress for the spring and summer time is a must in Florida. You will always want something to slip on over your bathing suit, to wear to brunch or lunch, or simply something that looks crisp during the warmer months. This M&Co. tunic dress is perfect for the Florida heat. I jazzed it up a bit by pairing it with some comfortable heels and a casual clutch, but you can definitely wear cute sandals with this dress as well. It is very versatile and extremely comfortable.

If you haven’t noticed from my posts lately, I have a small obsession with sunglasses. Let me just state how odd this is because I have always hated sunglasses and never felt they looked right on my face. Plus, I hate when I remove them from my face and it leaves the red mark on my nose (you know what I am talking about?). Well clearly I must have had a change of heart for whatever reason, and now, I cannot stop buying sunglasses. I have probably purchased 3 pairs in the last two months. None of the purchases were expensive, as I am trying to ease into this trend and see which shapes and colors I like best. But I have to say, I am really loving wearing them.

I hope you all have a great day!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Soakin’ Up The Sun

IMG_6351IMG_6327IMG_6346 IMG_6356IMG_6363 IMG_6352IMG_6312IMG_6366IMG_6347IMG_6359IMG_6323 IMG_6313Top & Pants: M&Co., Sunnies: BCBGeneration, Sandals: Italian Shoe Maker, Purse: Michael Kors (Similar), Necklace: From RocksBox

The weather has been in the 60’s and sunny when I wake up every morning. To say that I am enjoying this little bit of cold weather we are having would be an understatement, because it doesn’t come too often. Whenever I turn on the news, I see how snowy and cold the northeast is. It definitely makes me happy to be in sunny Miami!

It is extremely funny to me that when I look outside my balcony and I see people swimming in the pool when it is 60 degrees. To me that is crazy! That is the tall tale sign for me that those people are definitely not Floridians. Currently, we have a lot of snow birds in town and it always amazes me that they think 60 degree’s is beach weather. I will give it to them, it is sunny out. But there is no way on God’s green earth you will catch me in a bikini at the beach or by the pool.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day. Talk to you soon!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Red Hot Valentine’s Day

IMG_6249IMG_6275IMG_6229IMG_6236IMG_6244 IMG_6242IMG_6237IMG_6228IMG_6241Bodysuit & Skirt: c/o M&Co., Heels: Zara, Sunnies: c/o Quay Australia from Necessary Clothing, Clutch: c/o Linell Ellis, Necklaces: c/o Candy Couture Shop, Watch: Michael Kors

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my fabulous readers! I hope you are all having a lovely day and spending V-Day with all of the people you love most. For this Valentine’s Day post, I went with a red hot look from M&Co. How fun is this red bodysuit? I have never worn a bodysuit until this little red number, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I really love how this fit my body, and the hue of this red is just gorgeous for Valentine’s Day.

I paired the red bodysuit with the best black bandage skirt. This skirt really sucks everything in, making your body look fit as a fiddle! For accessories, I opted for the funnest sunnies I own: these Quay Australia mirrored glasses from Necessary Clothing! And I can’t forget the two most beautiful dainty necklaces from Candy Couture Shop. If you look closely, the shorter necklace says “B heart T” (mine and my bf’s initials). I am in love with these necklaces and have been wearing them every day since I received them.

Remember ladies, M&Co., has an amazing discount code for you all! Type in “BISOUS-BISOUS” at the checkout for 25% off of your purchase!

Love you all!
Bisous, Brittany Michèle


IMG_6212IMG_6189IMG_6167IMG_6178IMG_6191IMG_6159IMG_6215IMG_6192 IMG_6177 IMG_6169IMG_6211IMG_6165IMG_6193 IMG_6156Blouse & Necklace: M&Co., Pants: Necessary Clothing, Clutch: Linell Ellis, Heels: Jessica Simpson (Similar and only $20)

It seems like I have meet a lot of friends while shooting lately. But my favorite friend I have met has to be during this shoot. Meet Fabrizio, the cutest 6 month old French bulldog! If you don’t already know, I have a huge obsession with Frenchies. It is pretty much bordering an addiction. Every time I see one, I squeal with excitement and am immediately overcome with joy. Yes, it is that serious. Since my apartment isn’t pet friendly, I haven’t been able to get my Frenchie. But worry not, the second I move from this apartment, I will finally get my very own Frenchie and name her Chantal! (Yes, I have already named her).

Now on to my outfit. As you know, this week is all about my Valentine’s Day collaboration with M&Co. This look is a great idea if you want something comfortable yet chic. I paired this beautiful cobalt blue blouse with fun gold jogger pants from Necessary Clothing! I jazzed up this comfortable look with a fun statement necklace and my favorite gold clutch from Linell Ellis (that I wear all too much because it just goes with everything).

Remember, if you want 25% off your whole purchase with M&Co., type in “BISOUS-BISOUS” at the checkout!

Thanks for stopping by today! Talk to you soon.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle



Pretty In Pink

IMG_6401IMG_6464IMG_6392IMG_6473 IMG_6398 IMG_6402IMG_6414 IMG_6417 IMG_6428 IMG_6463IMG_6413Skirt & Blouse: M &Co., Heels: Nine West, Clutch: Forever 21, Sunnies: Quay Australia, Watch: Michael Kors

I have never been one for the color pink. But every now and again, I come across a pink item that I fall in love with. This blouse was one of the moments. I am a fan of spaghetti strap blouses that hang loosely. I think they can be worn with so many looks and can be paired with many different bottoms (Skirts, jeans, pants, shorts). For this look, I styled the blouse with a white bandage skirt. I have to tell you, this skirt is like a skirt and spanx all wrapped up into one. The white bandage skirt is a thicker material that definitely sucks everything in and keeps everything in place. Being a curvier girl, that is something that I definitely want in a form fitting skirt.

Simplicity was the key to completing this look, given that the pink is so bold and bright. I opted for nude heels and a nude clutch to top the look off. Oh, and you can’t forget my Quay Australia sunnies. They are the perfect mirrored sunglasses and I highly recommend them to any lady looking for a new pair of shades.

Remember, you can get 25% off of your M & Co. purchase by typing in “BISOUS-BISOUS” at the check out! Don’t miss out on this great deal.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle



What Would Beyonce Wear?

IMG_6005IMG_5942IMG_6033 IMG_5986IMG_5929IMG_5945 IMG_5974IMG_6025 IMG_5973IMG_5944IMG_5930Top & Shorts: c/o M& Co., Heels: Michael Kors, Clutch: Target, Necklace: c/o Candy Couture Shop

It is Valentines Day week so in honor of this lovely holiday (pun intended), I have teamed up with M & Co. for a week full of fun Valentine’s Day looks. To start the collaboration off, I am wearing a top and shorts duo that was actually worn by Beyonce! Need I say more? This is cute and casual look that you can wear with heels to dress up the outfit, or dress down with slip-ons or sandals. This look is a bit new for me, as it has more of an urban vibe to it, but I have to say, I love it. It is nice to step outside of your comfort zone every once in a while and try out new things. This is definitely one of those looks for me. And since the Queen B wore it, I think I should too!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week so far! Thanks for stopping by!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

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